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Hello and welcome to HOERWACHE,

HOERWACHE is a maritime radio simulation for morse radio and is primarily aimed at former marine radio operators, but also interested amateur radio operators and everyone with fun on the morse code are welcome here.

The site is not finished yet and is still under construction. So I have to ask for your patience in case something is not working properly.
And because many people access this page via Android, here is the hint: The HOERWACHE radio station does not work on smartphones or tablet PCs.

When the conventional maritime radio service with morse key was discontinued at the end of the nineties and gradually all coastal radio stations were closed or new tasks were taken on, many former radio colleagues were rather sad. In order to be able to pursue their old passion on the Morse key, many made an amateur radio certificate and have met regularly with their former colleagues on the amateur radio bands since then.
The operating procedures on the amateur radio bands are completely different than in maritime radio: there is no such thing as the calling and distress frequency 500 kHz and only the transmission of name, location and a few technical station data are allowed. There are no regular transmissions of weather and nautical warning messages, for example, and so the old marine radio feeling simply cannot occur. And that’s exactly what HOERWACHE wants to be in the future.

With HOERWACHE it is possible to send and receive on the old marine radio bands between 400 and 512 kHz, either as a marine radio or as a coastal radio station. Furthermore, regular transmissions of weather and nautical messages can also be received on the short-wave frequencies of the former coastal radio stations. Broadcasting is possible via the keyboard (Morsechat) or via a Morse key connected to the sound card. More information can be found in the documentation .

Just get in again, use the names and callsigns of your former ships or take over the security service at a coastal radio station. Put your ship in position worldwide and set sail: dream of old times and make your old trips again. Send TR messages and telegrams to coastal radio stations or use the Morse key to chat with former colleagues on a ship-to-ship frequency.
If you’d rather just listen: watch the 500 kHz and hear the weather reports and nautical warnings from nearby coastal stations.

All of this is already possible: Ultimately HOERWACHE lives from the number of participants, the more colleagues are online, the more realistic the impression and the more fun it will be for everyone. So please spread the word!

Have fun with it and 73

Dieter Lüpker